Nutritional Counseling

Ronald provides Nutritional Counseling to support healing while a patient is receiving Acupuncture. At times, it is also used independently. Dietary recommendations along with food-based nutritional supplements can help a variety of ailments, illnesses and conditions while restoring balance and homeostasis in the body.

The Law of Five Elements; Principles related to Yin and Yang and the Four Vital Substances; along with the natural laws pertaining to climate, lifestyle, and bio-cycles such as sleep and cortisol cycles are used to determine nutritional recommendations.  Ultimately this provides a nutrition strategy to address a patients wellness goals and unique presentation of symptoms and diagnosis.

 It’s important to remember that we are not separate from the world around us, We are affected by natural elements such as temperature, sunlight, humidity, and airflow, to name a few.  Consequently, dietary guidelines should be adapted and in sync with these cycles.

A simple example of this: watermelon is incredibly cooling and naturally ripens in the summer.  It makes sense to consume it during a warmer time of year.  Eating watermelon when the temperatures are below freezing might be counterproductive for some.  Too much cooling food out of season can lead to exacerbation of pain, swelling, digestive upset, constipation or diarrhea.

Considering the whole person, the environment they live and the lens of Chinese Medicine, a unique nutrition strategy can be developed to address a patient’s wellness goals, support them during treatment and help reduce specific symptoms and ailments.

“I always leave feeling better!!!”

— O.D.