Recently I took a tumble off my bike, I was covered in bruises and road rash.  I was sore but within a few days my skin started to heal, my bruises started to lighten up and the soreness started to lessen.  My body has the wisdom to heal.  I didn’t have to do anything to promote my bodies natural healing, it just happened.

In nature we see incredible examples of healing among plants and animals. If you break a limb off of a tree, the tree will not die, but rather it starts a process to heal itself.  Healing is a natural process. We are part of nature and thus our bodies have incredible wisdom and generally know how to heal.

From an Acupuncture perspective, when healing doesn’t happen, it’s not because the body can’t, but rather there’s an imbalance and stagnation preventing it.  Remember from the last post, all pain is a form of stagnation, read more about that here.

When we work to bring things into balance the body can do what it innately knows how to do.  This is how Acupuncture naturally helps with pain syndromes, dis-ease and chronic illness.  Simply put – as an Acupuncturist I use needles and acupuncture points to promote balance and in doing so support the body to heal itself.

As we age, we are more prone to imbalance simply because we’ve had more bumps and bruises along the way, and the body is a little slower to respond.  Notice children often heal so much quicker than adults.  That said, at any age we have an incredible power to heal naturally.