Our bodies know how to heal. Read more about that here. Our fast-paced, always connected, do-more-with-less culture sometimes doesn’t set us up for the best results when it comes to healing naturally. Consequently my first piece of advice for anyone coming down with a bug is the same. 

What is it you ask?  Clear your schedule and go home and rest.  And, I don’t just mean a nap, I mean put on your most comfy pajamas, crawl into bed and rest for the afternoon. I realize this isn’t always an option but when you can take the time to go home and rest, make it a priority. The moment you feel that first set of chills, that slight stiff neck and sore throat and those subtle aches that come out of nowhere, it’s a sign your body has just started to wage war against a pathogen.  Give your body a fighting chance, take the afternoon off.  

If your schedule is short on time and long on commitments and your feeling, “there is no way I can take the afternoon off,” ask yourself, “do I have time to be sick for five days.”

Acupuncture, herbs, natural cold remedies can all help too but your primary fight against a cold or flu should be supporting your body to do what it knows how to do, so you can get back to do doing whatever it is you’d rather be doing.