I talk to a number of patients that have lost hope; think their health and healing is left up to chance. Yes a it’s true, a certain amount of our health is predetermined by genetics but not all and maybe not even the majority. According to a recent Mind Body Green Interview with Dr David Perlmutter and Dr Austin Perlmutter because we’ve had a rapid increase in certain types of disease we can assume a large percentage of this is due to lifestyle and not genetics.

According to a recent Time Magazine article, women who maintained 4 or 5 healthy lifestyle choices could increase longevity by as much as 34 years. In my practice I see when patients actively commit to maintaining hydration, getting good quality sleep, moving regularly and making healthy food choices they heal faster and they stay healthier. 

We have more control over our health than many of us realize. Small incremental changes can go along way in helping us decrease back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and other chronic pains. Lifestyle choices can also help us prevent IBS flare ups, reduce inflammation, manage anxiety, mitigate insomnia and prevent chronic illness from running our lives.