What others are saying:

“I had seen other acupuncturists before, but what struck me about Ron was how he gave me so much space to be “me” in the treatment room.  It didn’t matter what I was talking about, or how I was feeling.  I felt completely accepted and embraced for who I was.  Ron has been able to offer invaluable wisdom and insight at different points in my life and I’m so glad I found him!  He’s touched my life, and he’ll undoubtedly touch others.” — A.T.

“I always leave feeling better!!!” — O.D.

“Ronald answers questions about acupuncture so it can be easily understood” — D.S.

“Ronald answers questions about acupuncture so it can be easily understood” — D.S.

“Ronald is very nice, professional and appointments are very relaxing.” — J.A.

“Ron started out as my acupuncturist but became much more. He has helped me with my diet and became a friend. I started to see him for my energy levels or should I say lack of energy. After looking into all of my lifestyle we came up with a plan. Through Acupuncture and diet I have been feeling more like my young self again. I would and have recommended Ron to my family and Friends.” — S.L.

“There is never a wait, the office is clean and comfortable. I left my weekly treatment feeling energized and calm, as I always do.” — E.F.

“I feel great!” — O.D.

“My treatment and overall experience were wonderful! Can’t wait to return!” — E.F.

“I enjoy the time spent there. Ron is great and makes me feel comfortable and confident with my decision to try acupuncture.” — J.R.

“I have had two sessions with Ronald and let me start by saying he is amazing!! The first session we sat down and went over all the aches, pains and other stress issues going on. I went in seeking help with what I thought was a back problem. He assumed that it might be a muscular issue, and when I saw my doctors a few days later, she said that’s exactly what it seems like. A huge weight off my shoulders!! The first session ended with me feeling very relaxed. Second session yesterday, he did a lot of work on my back. Ronald even showed me some moves for the injury I had sustained. He is a godsend. I highly recommend Ronald!” — S.M.

At Ronald Pratt Acupuncture, we understand that wellness is more than just the absence of disease. Learn more about Ron and how he is uniquely qualified to support you on our journey to overall wellness.