Recently I was talking to a colleague about how I passed on the opportunity to take an Entrepreneur seminar.  The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable, however she teaches healthcare practitioners to build a business identical to hers.  I’m never going to be her, I’d fail miserably at trying to make my Acupuncture practice look like hers.  

A few weeks ago I heard a similar sentiment form a patient.  The patient is a magnificent woman in her 70s, high energy and walks several miles a day.  I asked her what she does for relaxation.  She responded, “ I can’t relax.”  We dug into this a bit, she had a perception of relaxation that might fit my personality better than hers.  She was so relieved when I suggested relaxation doesn’t have to look the same for her as it does for me, and that doesn’t mean that she isn’t able to relax.  

My goal as a practitioner is not to tell people what stress reduction, relaxation, healing or wellness is.  My goal is to help people discover what stress reduction, relaxation, healing and wellness is for them.

An acorn will never grow into a maple tree.  Similarly each of us have our own nature and thus what health is for each of us varies within a range.  Suggesting that all of humanity should thrive based on the same inputs assumes that we all sprout from the same seed.  We do not.  We are as diverse as the plants that make up the forest.

In my practice, I’m committed to helping each individual discover their version of stress reduction, relaxation, health and wellness so they can overcome pain, dis-ease and illness and get back to living a life doing what they love.