I get asked all the time questions about Acupuncture interactions.

Questions like the following:

Will Acupuncture interfere with my medications?

Do I need to stop taking supplements if I’m doing Acupuncture?

My leg is in a cast should I still come in?  Will Acupuncture interfere?

No Drug Interactions – Acupuncture does not introduce any additional chemistry into your body.  Consequently it will not interfere with medications.  It’s safe to use with any other treatment.  

No Side Affects – We’ve all seen the television commercials for medication that always end with an exhaustive list of side affects and warnings.  Acupuncture is safe and doesn’t have a long list of debilitating side affects like the list the pharmacist hands you with a prescription. 

Wont Counteract Other Therapies – Acupuncture compliments other modalities such as Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage. If you’ve injured yourself and are in a splint or cast that cannot be removed.  We can still treat the injury without needling the area.  

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